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Ideation & Design

Concept Design, Functional UX Design, and Visual UI Design; BlueKatana creates solutions that are easy to use, feel intuitive, without a steep learning curve. Great user experiences drive engagement to a higher level. User engagement drives the success of your internal application or customer facing website.

Cloud Services

In the last decades, enterprises have followed a steady move from dedicated data centers to cloud partners. This allows them to take advantage from using cloud services. Cloud growth has opened a completely new level of affordability and viability to medium and small companies. Our software development teams are experienced with the top cloud vendors in the market. We develop solutions that take full advantage of cloud services.

Robotic Process Automation

Automate manual business processes and disconnected systems using process workers, or software bots. RPA is a great way to cut costs, eliminate human errors and speed up processes. Enhance your manual or already automated processes by making them smarter, faster and more efficient.

Infrastructure Services

Every IT organization has a number of projects they wished they could be working on. According to Gartner, more than 50% of IT infrastructure projects remain open for at least six months until resources can be allocated to start them. BlueKatana can help with your infrastructure planning, modeling, and management. Have an expert from BlueKatana help you start, and complete, those projects on your plate.

Web & Application Development

Claim your time back to focus on ideas while we implement your next software project. Build from the ground-up or change your existing software. Wow your users with functional and impressive looking solutions that move your business forward. BlueKatana will manage your software development projects using industry standard methodologies and practices.

CRM Customization & Implementation

Implement a CRM solution that sets your sales organization ahead of your competitors. Whether you are replacing legacy CRM software or in need of one due to growth. BlueKatana can help you with the best strategy to having a consistent and organized sales team. Have a strategic advantage by implementing a CRM solution that streamlines your sales funnel. Close more deals by facilitating strategic information to your sales team.

Mobile App Development

In this mobile-centric world, it is necessary to build for mobile in everywhere. Whether through a PWA to work across all devices or a platform-targeted mobile app, BlueKatana can help you design, develop, and implement your solutions. While most projects will include some form of mobile, others are only mobile-focused. This allows for a deeper focus on integration with the targeted platforms.

Staff Augmentation

Market fluctuations could cause sudden needs for resources. BlueKatana offers staff augmentation services for IT Departments. Our competitive, yet expert staff can help you cover gaps in resources. Our staff augmentation team has expert knowledge in the tech industry. We'll help you find the right IT professionals, providing you the flexibility to scale up or down depending on your workflow.


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